How to extend coverage or obtain more sessions?

In the event your coverage has changed or ended, Talkspace offers alternative ways for you to continue receiving care. You can explore your options in this article: Accepted Forms of Payment/Coverage.

Once you've decided on how you’d like to continue, you can update your coverage through your account settings. If the option to update coverage is not available to you, follow the steps in How do I change plans or add a new service? to add a new service to your account.

If you're unable to match with your current provider, please send us a support request with your provider's first and last name. In a limited number of cases, your existing provider may not be available due to licensing requirements or conflict of interest with the health plan. If your provider is no longer available under your new coverage, we'll do our best to match you with a similar provider.

Looking to add more sessions under your existing coverage? Find our more below based on your current benefits.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
After using all your prepaid sessions or if they've expired, and you wish to add more sessions under the same coverage:
  1. Obtain authorization from your EAP representative or member portal approving the additional sessions.
  2. Follow the steps in How do I apply/update my coverage? to add your extended benefits.
    • In case the option to update your coverage is not available, you can add the extended benefits by adding a new service to your account.
  3. Answer the prompted questions.
    • A new room will be created at the end of the process. If you’d like to continue working with the same Talkspace provider and have trouble re-matching with them, contact us with your provider’s first and last name after you’ve added the new service. We’ll then reconnect you to them in your new room.

Having trouble applying your extended benefits? Submit a support request with a copy of the authorization for additional sessions and a copy of the error message you receive. If your EAP representative informs you that they'll be reaching out to us with the new authorization, please allow 5-7 days for them to do so. We'll follow up with you as soon as we hear from them!

If you are unable to obtain more sessions, check out other options to cover the cost of Talkspace service here: Accepted Forms of Payment/Coverage

U.S. Health Insurance or Behavioral Health Benefits
If your health plan coverage has expired, you can view more of our FAQs on health plan coverage expiration in Navigating Insurance Coverage Expiration: Your Guide to Continuity of Care.

In most cases, your access to Talkspace services will remain uninterrupted as long as there are no changes to your health plan benefits and no outstanding charges.

Whenever you'd like to connect with your Talkspace provider, follow the steps in this article: How do I start, schedule, update or cancel a session with my provider?

Please note that Talkspace periodically rechecks insurance coverage to ensure we stay up-to-date with insurance changes and maintain billing accuracy. If you're prompted to update your insurance information or receive a message saying no credit is available, it’s likely you need to update your coverage. In such cases, please contact your health plan provider directly via the phone number on the back of your membership card to confirm in-network coverage for Talkspace specifically and telehealth benefits in general.

If your insurance provider confirms we're in-network, follow the in-room prompt to update your coverage or reapply the coverage by following the steps in How do I apply/update my coverage? If the option to update your coverage is not available, add a new service to your account using this guide: How do I change plans or add a new service? After answering the prompted questions, a new room will be created.

How to tell if you've successfully reapplied your coverage? Visit What is included in my Talkspace plan? and follow the instructions to see if a new active room has been created under your health plan benefits.

Sponsored Benefits from Employers, City Health Departments, and School Districts
If you receive a fixed number of live sessions per month or year, you likely receive coverage through one of these organizations.

You may have the option to purchase additional live sessions during the scheduling process after exhausting your monthly or yearly sessions. Please note that your credits refresh monthly or yearly automatically on the date and time of your initial sign-up, so feel free to wait for them to renew. If you're unsure when they'll renew, submit a request, and we'll help you check.

When your plan is expiring, you can revalidate your benefits by responding to the prompt in your room if your sponsor extends their partnership with Talkspace. Once you confirm that you're still an active member of the same organization, employer, or other entity, you'll receive a new set of live sessions and will be able to continue services with Talkspace.

Here's an example of how the prompt looks:

DTE Renewal.png

Click to enlarge

Keep in mind that if you're no longer affiliated with your sponsor, you can explore other coverage options at Accepted Forms of Payment/Coverage

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