How do I provide consent for a third party to speak with my Talkspace provider?

In the majority of U.S. states, health care providers may not share any information with anyone until the patient has given informed consent to that information being shared with that person.

Talkspace users can provide their consent for a third party to speak with their provider by completing a Privacy and Limitation form in full (attached) and uploading it to their private chat room for their provider's review. Information on how to upload pdfs to a therapy room can be found in this article: How do I send an audio, video, and/or picture message to my provider in our chat room?

If you are a parent or guardian and would like to speak with your teen's provider, we ask that you review your state's regulations regarding the age of majority. If your teen/our client is a minor and lives in a state where they are at or above the age of consent, please have them complete the same procedures as above. 

Additionally, Talkspace only discloses private information over phone calls due to HIPAA privacy concerns; therefore, the provider will need the third party's name and phone number to discuss the treatment progress. 

If a Talkspace user feels comfortable sharing information with a third party directly (i.e., sharing their therapy room transcript, etc.), they may do so; this would eliminate the need for an official records request.

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