How do I cancel my Talkspace Go subscription or trial? Can I receive a refund?

Cancelling Talkspace Go Subscription

It's completely okay if you want to cancel your Talkspace Go subscription. Here's the good news: None of your answers to the self-guided sessions will be lost, and you are able to resubscribe at any time. 

To cancel your subscription, you must cancel from wherever you purchased it: 

From Apple store- Check out the cancellation process at If you want to cancel a subscription from Apple.

From Google Play store- Follow the steps in Cancel, pause, or change a subscription on Google Play.

If you've successfully cancelled, beneath your Talkspace Go subscription in either the Apple Settings or the Google Play app, you should see a gray print indicating either "expires on" or "cancels on" respectively.

Delete Talkspace Go Account 

You have the option to permanently delete your account, ensuring that no one can access it. It's important to note that deleting your account does not cancel your subscription. Subscriptions are ties to your Apple/Google Play ID, and neither platform enables app developers (like Talkspace Go) to cancel subscriptions on behalf of users. To prevent future billing, please follow the steps outlined above to cancel your subscription.

To delete your account: 

  1. Open the Talkspace Go App.
  2. Navigate to the More page at the bottom of the screen. 
  3. Under Account, tap Profile.
  4. Tap Delete account.

Refund Process

The refund process varies depending on where you purchased your Talkspace Go Subscription. 

From Apple store- Due to security reasons, Apple blocks developers (like Talkspace) from accessing your Apple account. Please contact Apple Support for assistance with obtaining a refund. 

From Google Play store- Please email with a copy of your purchase receipt or Google Play Order Number (begins with GPA). Our support team will review your request for a refund, provided that the request is received within 90-days of the charge’s posting date to your bank or credit card statement.

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