Am I able to delete my chat transcript?

File retention is dependent on your US state or EU country of origin. The United States has strict medical retention laws and requires at least seven years of retention (from when the client turns 18 years old.) Unlike some data platforms, Talkspace cannot erase private health data upon a client’s request, as it is considered essential by law for medical file retention purposes. We understand the desire to remove personal information, and we can close your account so it can no longer be logged into by anyone, at your request.

Please know your data is not managed directly by your provider, but rather by Talkspace. Talkspace stores all transcripts in encrypted form in a secure offsite facility. To learn more, we recommend checking out this Help Center article: How does Talkspace protect my privacy?

If you’d like to request personal data changes under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) EU law, find out more at Personal Data Request under GDPR

For more information about this and other policies regarding your privacy at Talkspace, check our Privacy Policy.

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