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How do I send an audio, video, and/or picture message to my provider in our chat room?

Our platform lets you easily communicate with your provider through audiovideo, and picture messages within your chat room if your plan includes asynchronous messaging.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

Web Mobile App
  1. Log into your account on www.talkspace.com.
  2. Click into the room that you'd like to send the message.
  3. Click on the upload icon (Upload_Icon.png) on the bottom-left of the Room page. 
    • On this screen, you can: 
      • Upload a PDF
      • Record a voice message—you can also record voice messages by clicking on the microphone icon (Microphone_Icon.png) on the bottom right of the Room page.

We'll update this page when sending video and picture messages becomes available on our web platform. Our web platform only allows playback of recorded video messages and photos at the moment.

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