Can a minor sign up for Talkspace?

Yes! As of September 17, 2018, Talkspace has expanded its reach to include therapy for adolescents ages 13-17. We’re excited to extend our current services to this important population.

Talkspace has taken all legal requirements into consideration to support this new offering. Each U.S. state has different requirements regarding what age necessitates parental consent to start therapy, and whether the therapist can disclose information to the parent/guardian without the adolescent’s consent. The vast majority of U.S. states require parental/guardian consent for a teen to enter into therapy, and do not allow therapists to share information with a teen client’s parent/guardian without a signed release. All Talkspace therapists have familiarized themselves with the rules of their respective states.

Note that there are specific exceptions to consent that vary by state, such as being an emancipated minor. If you believe that one of these exceptions might apply to you, please contact Customer Service.

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