How does Guaranteed Response Time work?

Talkspace’s Guaranteed Response Time lets you know when you can expect a reply from your provider.

When you’re ready to hear from your provider, let them know by clicking the Reply-by button in your chat room. Then the button will update with the time period in which your provider is expected to respond (based on their time zone and working hours). Your provider is sent a notification and will respond via text, video, and/or audio message. Once they've responded, your Guaranteed Response Time is considered satisfied. 

Reply-by Button

Provider Response Times

All Talkspace providers have a set schedule of at least 5 days a week to check in with clients during the morning or evening. Expected reply-by times are based on this schedule and providers’ timezones. Here’s how it works:

Morning Response Time


Evening Response Time

What happens if my provider misses a "Guaranteed Response Time"?

Our providers work hard to return timely responses to all their clients; occasionally they may not reply by the expected time. If your provider has exceeded the expected response time, you’ll be able to grant an extension or continue to wait for a reply. With each additional request, your provider will be notified and the expected reply-by time will be updated. Should your provider exceed the expected response time again that week, the Reply-by button will update to provide you with additional options.

I used to see the "Guaranteed Response Time" option. Why does it no longer appear in my room?

We're continuously working to improve your therapeutic experience behind the scenes, by developing customer-first treatment guidelines with our providers and making best-in-class enhancements to the Talkspace platform. This update doesn't change anything about when you can expect a response from your provider. You can still expect to hear back from them 5 days a week, twice a day, typically within 4-6 business hours.

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