How do I apply to become a Talkspace provider?

To become a full-time Talkspace Network Clinician, submit your application here

To become a contractor, submit your application here.

What does the provider application process consist of?
All providers interested in joining the Talkspace clinical community must complete the application process, which takes an average of 4-6 weeks. 

The process involves completing a series of required forms and a signed CAQH application with an individual NPI number.

Our team verifies the submission of key data through primary and secondary sources. If all information is verified, our credentialing team then reviews the full application and verification information to make a decision.

What's the provider onboarding experience like?
Once your application is accepted and you’re invited to join the team, you’ll go through an onboarding process in which you’ll be trained in various aspects of providing telehealth services on Talkspace.
Full-time Providers Contracted Providers
You'll complete a 10-day virtual training program that covers telehealth service delivery, documentation, risk management, managed care, and psychiatry services. If you need more learning resources and support, Talkspace is there for you!
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