Introducing Greater Flexibility in How You Experience Live Sessions

We're excited to bring you more flexibility in experiencing live Talkspace therapy sessions, your way. 

Now, therapy clients can select from one of three unique formats for their live sessions: by video, by audio, and now, by live chat with their provider in real-time, for the duration of their live session. Enjoy the same quality of care, now with the convenience and flexibility of typing and chatting with your provider in the Talkspace app.  

Specify your format when you schedule your session

When scheduling your live therapy sessions, you’ll have the option to select the mode of communication you prefer for that particular session. Feel like taking this week’s session by audio only, and next by live chat? You can now do so.

How will it work? 

It’s simple:

  1. When it’s time to book your next session in the Talkspace app, you will have the chance to select which format you prefer: video, audio, or live chat. Select your chosen format and complete your session booking.
  2. At the time of your scheduled session, log in to the Talkspace app and tap the Join Session button that appears in your room. The live session in your chosen format will start once both you and your provider have joined the session.
  3. Once complete, your provider will close out the session and your real-time communication will end. 
Are live chat sessions included in all subscriptions and plans? 
If you pay out-of-pocket for Talkspace and are subscribed to a subscription or plan that includes live sessions, live chat session functionality will be available to you when you book your next live session.

If you pay for Talkspace using insurance or through an employer, it will depend upon your plan. 

Please note: If you live in Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, or Ohio, due to state laws you must connect with your therapist over video first before gaining access to the live chat option. 

Does this mean I can chat with my therapist live, anytime?
No, it does not. This feature is available as a new, additional way for you to have a scheduled session with real-time interaction. In between sessions, you may continue to message your provider as you do today and can continue to expect to receive a response from them 5 days a week, twice a day, typically within 4-6 business hours.

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