How do I navigate the Talkspace Platform?

We’re delighted you’ve joined Talkspace. An overview of Talkspace is provided below to support your navigation of the platform. Please keep in mind your experience may vary depending on the type of account or plan you have, but you should have access to the features covered below.

When you first log in, you will see the left panel that includes your nickname (where you'll find the settings for your account), Rooms, Helpful tips, and Tools.


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To update your settings, click on your nickname on the website or click on the gear icon (gear_wheel.jpg) on the mobile app. 
Account settings Plan, Eligibility, and Coverage settings Messaging settings
Under Account settings, you'll see the following:
  • Personal information - where you can update your Name, DOB, Home address, and Emergency contact information.
  • Login and security - where you can change your Nickname, Email, Password, Phone number and enable Two-factor authentication (2FA).

On the app version, you can also set up or change the passcode for the Talkspace app under the Mobile app settings.

Other actions that you can perform on this screen include contact Customer support and Log out of your account.

You will be able to find your room under the Rooms section, located on the left panel on the website upon login and on the main page on the app. If you have more than one room (i.e., an individual talk therapy room and a couples room), they’ll all be listed in the Rooms section. If you’re not seeing all your rooms on the app, click on the green arrow (green_arrow.jpgorScreen_Shot_1401-06-01_at_14.16.00.png) within your current room to go back to the main page.

Once a room is selected, you'll be able to exchange text or voice messages or files with your provider. 

If you are on the website, you can access the Room details by clicking on the 4 icons (4icons.png) on the top right of the room. From there, you can schedule a live session, access your starred messages, and review your provider.
Helpful Tips
Talkspace includes some helpful videos under the Helpful tips section within your account to give you more confidence on starting therapy with Talkspace.
Under Tools, you’ll see the following:
  • Live sessions scheduler - schedule live sessions with your provider.
  • Clinical progress - you and your provider can work together to establish goals and objectives to guide your therapy sessions. To help track your symptoms, your provider can also send you a recurring assessment every 3 weeks for you to complete.
  • Exercises (app only) - follow short exercises to alleviate stress and improve your coping skills.
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