What is included in my Talkspace plan?

Curious about your plan details and the services included under your coverage? You've come to the right place! Keep reading for further details.

Check Plan Details in Your Account

If you're unsure about what is included in your current plan or want to determine whether you signed up under the right coverage, you can easily check that within your Talkspace account.

To view your plan details:

Web Mobile App
  1. Log into your account at www.talkspace.com.
  2. Click on your nickname located on the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. From the dropdown, select View payment and plan.
  4. On the Payment and plan page, you’ll find your plan name and details, including the number of live sessions, billing cycle, and payment for next renewal date, if applicable. 

Plan Information

Explore Available Talkspace Benefits and Services under Coverage

Talkspace collaborates with various U.S. health insurance providers, employers, organizations, schools, universities, colleges, and cities to make therapy more accessible. Learn more about the benefits offered through our partnerships below:

Employee Assistance Programs
Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are designed to offer short-term therapeutic support for employees experiencing work-related or personal challenges (such as marital or family conflicts, stress, grief, or other emotional issues) that are causing work distraction and affecting health, or mental and emotional well-being.

As part of your benefits, you'll receive a specific number of prepaid credits to access Talkspace therapy sessions. These sessions are structured and solution-focused, and if needed, referrals may be provided for longer-term care. Depending on your benefits, these credits can be utilized for either an asynchronous text messaging or live session. Please note that an asynchronous text messaging session will remain open for 7 days after initiation or until your Talkspace therapy provider attests to its completion.

Please check with your EAP representative to determine the Talkspace services available to you and whether your coverage extends to dependents and household members.

It's important to note that if you've been mandated to use EAP services by your employer, please contact your EAP provider directly. Talkspace cannot be used to fulfill any condition of employment.

Looking to extend your services at Talkspace after utilizing all your prepaid sessions? Our guide on How to extend coverage or obtain more sessions? provides valuable assistance.

U.S. Health Insurance or Behavioral Health Benefits
Behavioral Health (BH) benefits are a type of health benefit covered by health insurance—similar to primary care coverage.

What services are typically offered in a BH benefits plan?

The services provided by Talkspace and how they are conducted vary based on your health plan. In general, we deliver:

  • Therapeutic care conducted through asynchronous text messaging or virtual live interaction. Asynchronous text messaging sessions remain open until your therapy provider attests to their completion. For the differences between asynchronous and live session, visit How does Talkspace work?
  • Psychiatric care, available only through virtual live sessions.

To find out more our providers and the differences between therapy and psychiatry, refer to Who are Talkspace’s Providers?

Prior to enrolling in Talkspace, we strongly suggest getting in touch with your health plan provider to explore the available Talkspace services and understand any associated cost-sharing responsibilities.

Important Information Regarding Copays and Patient Responsibility
If your plan includes Talkspace as an In-Network provider, our services would be included under your Behavioral Health benefit and are unlimited, similar to any face-to-face sessions you might receive. Depending on your plan, either a deductible/coinsurance or a copay would apply until your out-of-pocket maximum is met. After applying the copay, deductible and/or coinsurance specific to your benefit plan, your insurance company covers the appropriate portion of the allowed amount; a maximum cost of service estimate is surfaced to members when signing up under insurance.
If you have questions about your patient responsibility, please contact your health plan directly and asking them about your out-of-pocket cost share for mental health services. Talkspace does not have access to your individual plan benefits and cannot confirm your final costs before a claim processes.

Sponsored Benefits from Employers, City Health Departments, and School Districts
Enhancing accessibility to therapy is a key aspect of Talkspace's collaboration with diverse entities such as employers, organizations, educational institutions, city health departments, and school districts. This partnership aims to foster a wellbeing-focused atmosphere in both workplaces and educational settings.

During the partnership period, you're entitled to Talkspace services at no cost. This includes the option to enjoy unlimited asynchronous text messaging therapy sessions and/or a fixed number of live sessions every month or year, depending on your benefits.

If live sessions are part of your benefits, your live session credits might refresh each month on the date and time of your initial sign-up, expiring after 30 days if unused. Alternatively, they might refresh every year, allowing you to use them at your convenience at any time of the year.

Should you exhaust all included live sessions in a given month and year, you may have the option to purchase additional sessions individually.

For more details about your benefits and coverage before signing up for Talkspace, check out this article: Is Talkspace covered by my health plan, EAP, employer?
No Coverage
Not to worry if you don't have coverage! Even without mental health coverage, Talkspace remains a cost-effective alternative to most in-person therapy or psychiatry session. Find out more about our out-of-pocket plan information at Talkspace Services + Pricing.
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