• How much can I make per month?

    Most of our therapists work with Talkspace to earn supplemental income, and some make up to $4,000 per month. Our pay-scale depends on how many clients you work with, and the plans to which they are subscribed.

  • How many times are therapists expected to check in with clients?

    While clients can write in their rooms 24/7, therapists are only required to check in with clients once daily, during their business hours, five days a week. Since one week of working with a client on Talkspace is roughly equivalent to one in-person session, you’ll be expected to spend about 10 minutes a day per every client check-in.

  • How much time should I expect to be available to Talkspace clients?

    Every therapist has a different approach to time management on Talkspace, and you will become more efficient over time as you get more comfortable with the modality. Your workload will also depend on the specific subscriptions of your clients.

    The guideline we like to provide is that one week of working with a client on the Talkspace platform is the equivalent of one in-person session (45-50 minutes). Subscriptions that include video sessions require more time, but pay more as well.