• Can I use my insurance for Talkspace psychiatry?

    Currently, we are working with Premera, Cigna, and Optum to offer behavioral health benefits for psychiatry.

    However, clients with out-of-network benefits can submit claims and receive 50-90% of the cost of Talkspace back.

  • How much does Talkspace Psychiatry sessions cost?

    Payment for Talkspace psychiatry is session-based.

    Initial evaluations cost $199.00 and follow-up sessions are $125.00. Clients can schedule follow-up sessions directly with their providers.

    For new clients we are offering bundle discounts if purchased during the signup:

    • Initial evaluation + 1 follow-up session: $312 (10% saving)
      Initial evaluation + 3 follow-up sessions: $518 (15% saving)
      Initial evaluation + 6 follow-up sessions: $799 (20% saving)
  • Can I use my insurance for medications prescribed by my Talkspace provider?

    If your insurance covers the cost of prescription meds, absolutely.

    Keep in mind that this process is not managed by Talkspace — we won’t be able to answer specific questions about your eligibility, benefits, or prescription costs.

  • If I’m already a Talkspace therapy client, do I have to pay additional fees to speak with a prescriber?


    While Talkspace allows for a seamless collaboration between therapy and psychiatry, the two services are separate.

    You will need to purchase psychiatry credits a la carte if you wish to work with a prescriber in addition to your Talkspace therapist.