• Why is Talkspace Sleep Therapy a good solution for insomnia?

    When you’re exhausted from sleepless nights, motivation doesn't come easy!

    Our 8-week program is simple, convenient, and based on proven-research. With Talkspace Sleep Therapy, you’ll work with a provider from the comfort of your home, and receive daily support and exercises to ensure you stay on track.

    Many of our licensed providers are trained in treating insomnia and other sleep disorders. Our matching process will pair you with providers trained in CBT-I and any other needs and preferences you specify.

  • How much does Talkspace Insomnia therapy cost?

    Talkspace Insomnia therapy is an 8-week program that is paid in 2 monthly installments of $260 each. 

    The total cost of the program is $520.

  • Can I use my insurance for Talkspace Insomnia program?

    Talkspace Insomnia program is not covered by your insurance.

    It may be helpful to know that some Talkspace customers use a credit card or debit card for their subscription and then submit the bill to their Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Saving Account (HSA) plan administrator.

    Please reach out to your insurance provider for further details. 

  • Will I get medication for insomnia?

    Talkspace Sleep Therapy is a behavioral therapy program designed to empower you to identify and eliminate habits that keep you from good rest. Medication is not a part of this treatment plan. 

    While sleeping pills can be a quick-fix, they can become addictive and reduce sleep quality over time.