Does Talkspace offer discounts?

We often offer discounts to our members who elect to pay out of pocket for services. The best way to check if we have a current discount available towards our full price plans is to visit Talkspace's homepage. If an offer is available, a discount code will be featured within a banner at the top of the page. Simply enter that code at checkout to receive a one-time discount on your first month of services. Please keep in mind that all subsequent charges will be billed at the full cost of service, as quoted at the time of checkout. 

Coupons cannot be applied to psychiatry services and cannot be applied to accounts paid through U.S. health insurance, employers, or organizations. If you're transitioning to out-of-pocket therapy services and a discount is available, you can apply it at checkout. Only one discount can be applied per transaction. Coupons are only valid at checkout and cannot be retroactively applied to past charges.

We no longer offer financial aid to new clients. Returning financial aid clients should contact us directly for assistance.

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