What do MS, RMHCI, LICSW, LMHC, LPC… letters by the name of therapists mean?

These letters are a person’s credentials. Different letters mean different qualifications for what that therapist can treat.

Those are the specialties and licenses of each therapist.

LPC: Licensed Professional Counselors are mental health service providers with a master’s degree who are trained to work with individuals, families and groups in treating mental, behavioral and emotional problems and disorders.

MS: Masters of Science in counseling psychology, clinical psychology, clinical counseling, or educational psychology. A master’s degree in the specified area may require completion of a master’s thesis, dissertation and/or project.

LMHC: Licensed Mental Health Counselor is board certified to treat children, adolescents, and adults suffering from adjustment issues, relationship conflicts, or mental illness.

LMFT: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist is board-certified to treat a variety of mental health concerns with the emphasis on family therapy, couples therapy and sex therapy.

LICSW: Licensed and Independent Clinical Social Worker is a social worker with a MSW (Master of Social Work) and an additional three years of training. LICSWs tend to specialize in family and marital counseling.

Psy.D: A Doctor of Psychology is a professional doctorate degree. Earning the degree was originally completed through established training models for clinical psychology.

Ph.D.: A Psychologist who has a doctorate in philosophy. Some Psychologists choose to get a Psy.D, which stands for “doctorate in psychology.”

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