Who are Talkspace’s Providers?

Talkspace providers are licensed. We have an extensive, nationwide network of licensed providers, credentialed in accordance with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) standards. All our providers have been carefully vetted and trained on the platform, and have an average of 7-10 years of post-supervision experience providing therapy. They also undergo an extensive onboarding process and evaluation to ensure that they meet healthcare requirements and are able to apply their skills effectively to our digital platform.

To ensure all our clients receive the best possible care, Talkspace constantly monitors both engagement quality and clinical outcomes. By tracking this data, we are able to strengthen our matching process to ensure that you will be placed with a provider who will support you in making the greatest progress.

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Is Talkspace provider network diverse?
Talkspace providers have diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences. Over 30% of our network professionals identify as BIPOC/minorities and/or as LGBTQIA+. Talkspace providers also have experience working with individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+ or BIPOC/minorities.
Who is on the Talkspace psychiatry network?
Our psychiatry network includes psychiatrists and nurse practitioners who specialize in psychiatry, mental health, and medication management. 
What is the difference between therapy and psychiatry?
Therapy and psychiatry can both play an important role in your mental health treatment plan. In therapy, licensed therapists work with you to discuss personal challenges and devise a personalized plan, but they aren't able to prescribe medication. Psychiatry is a medical specialty that monitors medication to treat mental health symptoms. Psychiatrists and nurse practitioners are licensed medical providers who specialize in mental health treatment and can provide psychiatric services and personalized medication management.
Can I receive therapy services from my prescriber?
While psychiatry sessions involve discussion, the focus is medication management. If you’re looking for mental health counseling, find out more about Talkspace Therapy.
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