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Talkspace is dedicated to ensuring you receive the best support from a provider who align with your needs. Finding the right therapist is essential to unlocking all of the benefits of therapy. Here is a great article from our blog on How to Find the Right Therapist for you.

Find more information about provider matching below!

What determines my provider match?
Your provider match is determined by a combination of the following factors:
  • Desired focus areas for therapy.
  • Primary state of residence. If you travel frequently, discuss your travel plans with your provider to determine whether they’re a right fit for you. If you find yourself spending an entire season or a significant amount of time in a second home or state, consider requesting a provider who is licensed in both states.
  • Gender preference for a provider.
  • Preferred language (subject to provider availability in your state of residence).
  • Talkspace coverage. Our matching process ensures that the provider options you see are covered by your health plan benefits.

Please note, our Support team is unable to provide a list of which providers are in-network before you begin service. Check with your health plan to see if Talkspace is in-network and learn about any out-of-pocket expenses. Once confirmed, you can register under your coverage or apply it to an existing account. We'll then match you with a provider under your plan.

How long does it take to be matched with a provider?
The matching process, facilitated by our proprietary matching algorithm, typically takes around 48 hours on average!
Will I work with the same provider? Can I change my provider?
You'll work with the same provider unless prompted otherwise by factors outlined in our guide, Change Provider. This ensures continuity and stability in your ongoing therapeutic journey. Should you wish to explore working with a different provider, you can easily do so without any interruption to your care by following the instructions provided in the same guide.
Can I request for a specific provider?
If you have a specific provider in mind, please share their first and last name with us through a support request, and we'll do our best to match you with them once you've created an account. In a limited number of cases, your requested provider may not be available due to licensing requirements or conflict of interest with the health plan.
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