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Does Talkspace offer services in languages other than English?

Upholding our commitment to destigmatize mental health and make therapy available to all, we're proud to share that our provider network covers 32 different languages and extends beyond the borders of the United States.

Finding a provider in your preferred language

Please note that access to therapy in a language other than English is dependent upon provider availability in your state of residence.

If you were not given the option to select a preferred language at registration, please log in to your account (if you have one) and submit a request. We'll check if there is a provider who speaks your preferred language in your state before finalizing your sign-up.

Accessing Talkspace services internationally

While the majority of Talkspace providers reside in US time zones, international borders are not typically a barrier to receiving support. When matching you with a provider, Talkspace will always try to address your country’s regulations in conjunction with the guidelines provided by the provider’s state.

Find out more about using Talkspace outside of the United States at Can I use Talkspace while traveling or living outside of the US?

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