How does Talkspace therapy work?

Therapy that's there whenever you need it!

Every Talkspace user has a secure, private “room” to communicate with their provider in. Your room is available 24/7, so you never have to wait to share what’s on your mind. You can send text, video, or voice messages to your provider whenever something comes up — whether you’re commuting, at the office, or lying in bed. Your provider will see your messages and respond to you throughout the day. (Though if you’re sending messages at 3 AM, you might have to wait until they wake up!)

All communications in your Talkspace room are protected and fully encrypted. You can also set a unique passcode on our mobile app for added security.

We also offer live video sessions, where you and your provider can schedule an appointment in chat face-to-face (virtually of course)!

Visit here for a detailed walk-through of what you can expect from Talkspace online therapy. Join today to speak with a consultation therapist about what Talkspace can do for you!

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