Can I use Talkspace while traveling or living outside of the US?

You've come to the right article if you're curious about using Talkspace beyond the borders of the United States! Find out more details below.

Can I use Talkspace if I reside outside of the US?
Certainly! Talkspace is accessible for individuals outside the United States, provided you can connect to our platform through the internet, and your current location is not part of the list of countries blocking VoIP.

If you reside internationally, please be aware that our prices are listed in USD ($) or GBP (£), defaulting to USD if your country currency is not GBP.

It's also worth noting that the majority of our providers operate within U.S. time zones.

How does traveling affect my Talkspace access?
For existing clients traveling to countries on the VoIP-blocking list, please be aware that access to Talkspace may be restricted. If you pay for Talkspace fully out-of-pocket, visit How do I pause my subscription? for a guide on maximizing Talkspace services.

If you can access your account while abroad, keep in mind that the time zone displayed when scheduling a session aligns with your device's time zone. However, in-room notifications, reminders, and message timestamps are based on the time zone you were in when you initially created the account.

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