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Navigating Insurance Coverage Expiration: Your Guide to Continuity of Care

Dealing with changes to your coverage can be challenging, especially when it impacts your access to mental health services. We're here to guide you through this transition and ensure you continue to receive the care you need. This article addresses common concerns about coverage expiration.

What happens if I don't update my coverage?
If you receive notice in your Talkspace account that your insurance coverage expired, you'll need to update your coverage by the deadline given. If not, any future sessions with your provider will be canceled, and your room will automatically close. If you decide to update your coverage after the deadline, we always welcome you back whenever you're ready.
How can I continue with my plan if I no longer have the same coverage?
If you don't have new coverage, you can still add a new payment method to continue receiving care. You might consider alternatives such as an employer-assisted program or paying out-of-pocket. We strive to ensure that you have various options to maintain access to the care you need. You can explore your options in this article: Accepted Forms of Payment/Coverage.
Can I keep my provider when I update my coverage or payment method?
Most likely you will be able to continue your services with your existing provider if they are available and in-network under your new coverage or payment method.

If your provider is no longer available under your new coverage, we'll do our best to match you with a similar provider so you can continue to receive care.

What happens if I have a messaging session in progress in my room?
Regardless of whether you update your coverage, any ongoing messaging session will remain open until your room automatically closes at the end of the provided deadline.
What happens if I have live sessions scheduled?
If there are no changes between your old and updated coverage, you will be matched to the same provider and all your scheduled sessions will be transferred to the new room.

If your coverage or payment method changes, your scheduled sessions cannot be transferred to the new room. We encourage you to book your next session in your new room.

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