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Sign Up for Talkspace: Individual, Couples, Teen Therapy, and Psychiatry Services

Thank you for your interest in Talkspace! When you join us, you'll effortlessly connect with a licensed provider, accessing mental health support at your fingertips. Read on to learn how to get started and take the first step towards prioritizing your mental health.

Sign up without coverage
Signing up for Talkspace is easy! Just follow the steps below to get started. Feel free to explore the services we offer in Talkspace Services + Pricing before you begin.
  1. Go to our homepage and click Get Started, or download our mobile app (iOS or Android).
  2. Answer some questions about what brings you to Talkspace so we can get you expertly matched.
  3. Enter your email address, create a password, and verify your email address.
    • You'll be asked to set up two-factor authentication for added security.
  4. That's it! Your account is ready to go.

You can add insurance or employer coverage at any time by following the steps in How do I apply/update my coverage?

FSA/ HSA Reimbursement | It might be helpful to know that many Talkspace clients whose insurance benefits do not cover our services sign up for an out-of-pocket account and submit receipts to their Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Saving Account (HSA) plan administrator to request and potentially receive reimbursement. 

Sign up with coverage (health plan, EAP, employer, school, organization)
Talkspace collaborates with a number of US health plan providers, organizations, and employers to bring online mental health services to you.

Before signing up, visit Is Talkspace covered by my health plan, Medicare, EAP, employer? for details on how to confirm if you have any coverages for Talkspace and learn about any potential out-of-pocket costs you may be responsible for.

Once you confirm your coverage, sign up for an account by going to our homepage and clicking Get Started!

After creating your account and completing registration, you can download and use our mobile app (iOS or Android) to engage with your provider.

Note for using Health Insurance Coverage
Using your health insurance for Talkspace comes with no sign-up charges. However, be mindful that cost-share like copay, coinsurance, and your deductible may apply after each session. Ask your health plan for details on patient responsibility so you know what to expect!
No-show or late cancellation or late rescheduling fees for Talkspace’s live sessions may also apply.

Tips to determine whether you applied your coverage correctly

To prevent any unexpected charges, follow these guidelines when signing up for Talkspace with coverage:

  • Check for Pricing Display
    Ensure that, during the sign-up process, you're not brought to a screen displaying the pricing of each plan. If you see this screen, your benefits may not apply to Talkspace services. Confirm with your health insurance, sponsor, or EAP representative to ensure you have the necessary coverage. 

    If you see a screen similar to the one below, an account will be created with an out-of-pocket subscription.

    OON screen.png

    If a screen similar to the one below appears, an account will be created under your coverage.

    In-network screen.png

    For health plan coverage: If you're brought to the "We couldn’t verify your coverage for Talkspace" screen, and are sure you should be covered, please select the "I'm sure my plan covers Talkspace" option. You'll then provide your ID and insurance details. Our team will review your submission and notify you via email about the next steps. Ensure that emails from Talkspace are not blocked to receive important notifications. Keep in mind that if you're not directed to this screen and instead see one displaying the pricing for Talkspace's out-of-pocket subscriptions, it indicates that you're not currently covered. Please check with your health plan provider to confirm if Talkspace is in-network.


  • Check Your Plan Details
    If you've created an account, your plan details shown in your Talkspace account should indicate the coverage name under which you've signed up. Log in to access the article What is included in my Talkspace plan? and follow the outlined steps to check if you've signed up under the right coverage.
Help someone else to sign up (e.g., child, parent, family member, etc.)
It's essential for the individual receiving services to create their own account for privacy and security purposes. The account should be registered under their first and last name, email address, date of birth, and other personal information.

If you're looking to start therapy for a teen between the ages of 13 and 17, we recommend visiting Teen Therapy at Talkspace: What parents/guardians and teens should know for more information.

For our couples therapy, which is available to any two individuals in any relationship aged 18 and above, participants need separate accounts. Find out more about our couples therapy at Talkspace Services + Pricing. To understand how to apply health insurance to couples therapy, take a look at Is Talkspace covered by my health plan, Medicare, EAP, employer?

Need more help signing up? Visit Unable to sign up for our troubleshooting tips.

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