How can I receive an invoice (superbill) for services?

We're happy to offer superbills to clients looking to receive an invoice for Talkspace services.

A superbill invoice includes all charges incurred during your billing cycle (aka dates of services), medical procedure codes (CPT), diagnosis codes (ICD-10), and cost breakdown per session. This type of invoice is typically needed when submitting for reimbursement to your health plan or FSA/HSA provider.

Requesting an Invoice from Talkspace

Business to Business Clients
Clients who receive Talkspace through a 3rd party, including employer, organization, etc., can request a superbill through our support team. To ensure your request is processed without delay, please provide the following within your email to
  • Your full name
  • Month(s) or specific charge(s) you are requesting documentation for

Superbills can only be generated at the end of your current a billing cycle, when all included sessions are completed. For Behavioral Health (BH) clients, please note that superbills can only be provided once claims have been fully processed.

Direct to Consumer Clients
Clients who pay out-of-pocket for their Talkspace account are able to download superbills directly from our platform. To view available superbills, follow the steps below:
  1. Log into your Talkspace account on the web or app.
  2. From within your account settings, select Payment and plan.
  3. Below your subscription information, click View superbills.

In order to view/download a superbill, the following needs to be on file with your account:

  • Your full name
  • A provider-uploaded diagnosis code (We can check in with your provider for this, if needed.)

Please note, superbills become available for download 3+ days after the close of your current billing period. This 3+ day close out period is also true for those looking for a superbill for psychiatry and/or a la carte live sessions.

For more information, check out What is a Superbill for Therapy and Psychiatry? from our blog.

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